In order to beat the competition, you must sometimes become the competition. Introducing WAR – an intensive training session that puts you in the shoes of your biggest competitors. Using “outside-in” strategies and techniques, WAR gives your team actionable insights to outflank the market, and win big.

The Challenge

Your organization has spent months, maybe even years to develop this new product, and it’s almost ready to bring to market. But how does it stack up against the competition? Where is it weak? Where is it strong? How can competitors attack it? And when they do, how can we respond? What is the roadmap for success?

How WAR Works


Participants break up into teams and assume the identities of the competition.


Teams then create strategies to help "their" product win within the marketplace.

A "Customer" group will provide feedback, and rate each team on the effectiveness of their presentation.

The War Effect

strengths and weakness
strategic initiatives
positioning and offerings
team members on
the way forward

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